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    Pet Policies

      Our company

      A creative mindset, a disciplined investment approach, and a commitment to excellence are at the heart of Rael Corp. We specialize in identifying investment opportunities that others have overlooked, transforming challenges into opportunities, and building uniquely innovative properties.


      We are passionate about creating assets that will stand the test of time. Every development, like a blank canvas, represents a wealth of possibilities β€” we approach each new project with sensitivity, creativity, and an intense commitment to enacting positive change in the community.

      Our extensive development expertise allows us to successfully execute on new projects across the multifamily, student housing, and retail sectors. We collaborate with some of the world’s most talented and experienced architecture and interior design teams to create properties that are at once functional and memorable.


      We are patient but entrepreneurial investors, always searching for hidden value that others have overlooked. We see challenges, whether stemming from poor asset quality or ineffectual management, as an opportunity to create value.Β Β 

      We opportunistically acquire, redevelop, and improve assets across multiple real estate sectors in both thriving and transitional communities. Our time-tested strategy has resulted in a reputation for successfully executing transactions where others have failed.

      Asset management

      We employ a comprehensive and hands-on asset management approach to deliver sustainable growth, long-term profitability, and enduring value. We regularly assess market conditions, refine our investment strategies, and explore value-add opportunities within our portfolio.

      Our team collaborates closely with property managers, tenants, and service providers to ensure that our operations are streamlined to maximize value and performance.

      Meet our team

      We cultivate strong leaders and empowered employees, engage meaningfully with clients and community partners, and always strive to enact positive change.

      Only architecture that considers the human scale and interaction is successful

      Lawrence C. Rael

      (1943 - 2020)

      Lawrence Charles Rael immigrated to the U.S. from South Africa in 1977 with his wife and three young children. A practicing attorney in South Africa, he immediately turned his attention to real estate upon arriving in the U.S. With limited access to credit, his early investments were single-family homes that he personally renovated, re-tenanted, and re-sold.Β 

      One project became two, two became four, and ultimately he was able to incorporate Rael Development Corporation in 1984.

      The company grew over the course of two decades, focusing on multifamily, industrial, and retail investments across Southern California. In 2000, he was joined in business by his son and current CEO, Graeme Rael. For over 20 years together, the Raels built their company into the respected national firm that it is today.

      Mr. Rael was a skilled investor and a guiding force over many decades. More than that, he was a man of impeccable character β€” a true gentleman whose legacy of generosity, integrity and humility lives on in the hearts of all who knew him.