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      Justin Acciavatti

      Senior Financial Analyst

      Mr. Acciavatti is a Senior Financial Analyst with Rael Development Corporation where he assists the senior leadership team in evaluating, underwriting, and structuring a broad range of real estate investment transactions. He is especially skilled in developing highly-sophisticated investment models, enabling the team to analyze complex transactions, investment structures and strategies at highly detailed levels.

      Prior to joining Rael Corp, Mr. Acciavatti assisted in raising equity for several start-up companies and real estate ventures, created the DICE Project Analytics tool, developed multi-attribute decision models for a county-wide $1.5B 20-year strategic capital budgeting, built predictive models for likelihood of default for Fintech companies, and various other projects.

      Mr. Acciavatti holds an MBA from Duke University and a CMA (Certified Management Accountant). He is eligible to sit for CFA Level III, reads widely in statistics / finance / valuation / decision science, is training in Microsoft Power BI, skilled in using @Risk Decision Suite software, and an expert user of Excel.