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      Real estate

      At Rael Corp, we believe in pioneering truly impactful multi-family, student housing and mixed-use development, investing in innovative projects that strengthen communities, and empowering everyday people to live well. Our focus is always on creating real estate for real people.

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      Student housing

      Rael Corp made a big splash in the student living scene by developing properties that mesh seamlessly with the collegiate lifestyle, checking all the boxes for sustainability and quality of life.

      Each student living project integrates high design with convenient functionality, offering a rich amenities package while simultaneously fostering an atmosphere that promotes community, wellness, and student success.


      From boutique projects to entire city districts, Rael Corp has a passion for elevating real estate by integrating restaurants, retail, and residential components into supremely functional mixed-use community spaces.

      We believe in making communities better for everyone—business owners, tenants, visitors, and residents. We achieve that goal by working alongside the community, co-creating a mixed-use space that meets local needs and sparks new opportunities.


      We take pride in crafting innovative residential properties that empower tenants to live well. Our rich amenities packages, thoughtful design touches, and high quality have earned us a reputation for excellence.

      Our people-focused approach encourages tenants to live active and engaged lives, enabling them to seamlessly transition between work and leisure—small touches like co-working spaces and modern fitness centers promote both creativity and wellness.


      Entrepreneurs are crucial to every community, which is why we strive to provide retail spaces that connect business owners with vital resources—like attractive storefronts, functional layouts, and public gathering spaces—that enable them to meet the community’s needs.

      Each project we undertake is aimed at building a strong foundation for individual success while also bringing the neighborhood and the city together.


      From site selection to artful design, our values drive everything we do.

      Foster wellness
      Places are built for people. Our properties put both mental and physical wellness at the forefront, empowering tenants to live full and healthy lives.
      Spark new ideas
      Creativity and innovation are central to each project we undertake. We design modern, dynamic spaces that simultaneously elevate and simplify everyday life.
      Build community
      The most important things in life are the ones we build together. Our mission is to create compelling spaces that enable lasting and transformative connections.
      Strive for balance
      We believe that balance is the key to great development. Work and play, comfort and convenience, individual and community—all existing in perfect harmony.

      Projects in development